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Some of you know me well enough to know that Erotic photography is something I enjoy making (not porn there is a difference).  My fiancee is a minor alt/fetish model who has done photoshoots for Horror Chix (now defunct), Spooky Girls, Whipsmarts Inc and Ink & Pink.

The site isn’t fully open yet but I decided I’d post a link to it here (and it will go in my permanent links too)  It’s called Alice Malice’s Wonderland and it will contain alt, cosplay and fetish photography of an erotic type.  I do all the photography except in a few rare exceptions (we are thinking of letting some of the girls who were on Horror Chix get their pictures up there too since the site is dead and they gave all the pictures back) so it’s a great outlet for both of us.

That being said, it’s going too be a membership site with one set of free pictures/content a month.  The cost of the site is going to be $10 a month which is extremly low for this sort of thing.

Anyways just an FYI for all of you out there who wants to see a cute gamer girl dress up like American McGee’s alice and strip down to nothing.

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Good lord that's a long time.

Well hello there. How are all of you? I'm doing fine. I'm in credit card debt up to my eyes though.

So first a quick update post before I make an announcement post in regards to my photography.

So the place I work at got bought out by Kimball International.  I fortunately made it past all the cuts and am still employed at a job I barely have to do anything at in order to get done (meaning I still have hours and hours of free time at work).  I've gone through 3 bosses since Kimball took over so it's been an interesting ride.

 has been doing well as well.  She is doing awesome at the Art Institute, one of their best students.  She loves what she's learning and she loves doing it, two great things to have.  She will be an great animator one day, I'm sure.  In addition to all that she's still doing the Alt/Fetish modeling and will be doing a shoot with Ink & Pink this Friday.  The payment includes a free tattoo so she's going to be inking her virgin skin at last.

Gaming group is doing fine, having been ressurected.  We are playing Vampire set in Chicago right now but there has been talks of playing the Serenity or 7th Sea RPGs in the near future.

Also our cats are becoming annoying.  Midnite keeps trying to have sex with Abu (who is also male) and this makes Abu piss and shit everywhere.  I sometimes wished I didn't save Midnite from the storm gutter and had let him keep existing as a stray.  Then he gives me a look and a meow and I forgive him.

Now I just have to get them to stop peeing on everything.

What Deimos has been Watching:

The Sopranos - I seem to be the only one in the world who really enjoyed the last episode and the ending especially.  I could imagine no way it could have been better ending.  The ending makes no moral judgement on Tony, instead just ending as if to say "no more stories but their life goes on."  Wow, that's kinda how real life happens.

Heroes -   It was my crack cocaine on TV for the whole run of the show.  I don't think a network TV show has ever engaged me to that point.  I didn't watch Buffy, Angel or Firefly until they were out on DVD so I never really knew what it was like to enjoy a show on Network TV and actually set time out of my life every week to watch it.

TNA Wrestling - Total Nonstop Action Wrestling is a show on Spike TV.  Yeah it's pro wrestling, sue me.

Ghost Rider - Really enjoyed this flick, I enjoyed it alot more than I did Spider Man 3.  I know most people didn't like it but I really can't understand why.  It was a good superhero movie that went ahead and told the story, resolved it and moved on leaving just a bit left for a potential sequel.  Great movie.

Spider Man 3 - Hated it.  Topher Grace was awesome as the "anti-Peter" as well as Venom.  Everything else was just a remake of the Mask.  However it would have been a really good two movies, too bad it was just one movie.

Shrek the Third - It's catching alot of flack for some reason that I can't tell.  I really liked it though I thought Shrek becoming King at the end would have been a much cooler ending.  The animation is only getting better too.

Pirates of the Caribean 3: At World's End - I really thought I wasn't going to like this.  I loved the first one, didn't care for the second one and when I saw that Asians were in the third one I couldn't help but think "When in doubt add Asians."  Having said that, the only thing that is wrong with this movie is that it's the second half of PotC2.  Had this been the third act of a better second act this would have been the perfect movie.  I felt the story was solid, each scene built on the next, and there was no wasted time of "lets have a stupid sword duel on a spinning water wheel."

What Deimos is Reading

The Dresden Files - Great series of books until you get to about the fifth one and then it all slowly starts to fall apart.  I do recommend the first lot of them though, especially if your a World of Darkness RPGer.  It's a shame the series of Sci-Fi is probably not going to get picked up for a second season.

xxxHoLiC - A very awesome manga that despite the three x's at the start has nothing to do with pornography.  Instead it is about an unusual shop where a "Space-Time Witch" named Yuuko 'grants your wish' alot of it is Goetic style tales of people coming to the shop and setting a storyline in motion where their vice destroys them.

So that's it, just keep in touch and remember that I also have a wordpress at deimosmasque.wordpress.com
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I'm using Word Press using the link below


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So Last Night the Mage game was put on hold for a few weeks and we picked up D&D.  Specifically the Eberron setting with my own twists and tastes to it (liking including things from Arcana Evolved and Magic the Gathering).  And honestly despite the problem of having one player know all the rules and talk like people know what he's talking about, it went pretty good.

There was some rule confusions and frustrations but that is to be expected when you're dealing with a system for the first time.  But in the end we all had fun and they all were put through alot.

We ended up only having three players for this game, I started them all at the 4th level:

A Human Rouge calling himself Pic
A Changeling Cleric of the Traveler called Som
And a Human Unfettered named Sien but disguises herself as a boy named Jack.

Now I'm trying to decided if I should write an Actual Play thread like I did for my Mage game or should I just leave this be and not try it.  It seems like a different type of writing since there were 5 combats in the session (my Mage game averaged one a session at most) and a non-modern setting.
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Alright the tragedies of the last week are over and done with.  I had alot of trouble sleeping for a while but I'm back to normal.  Let's talk about everything else!

Christmas and New Year's were both okay.  We went up to Pittsburgh for Christmas to visit with sexyloserd 's family.  The visit was nice except I didn't get to do any tourist stuff.  I just stuck my head in my new Nintendo DS and sat around.

New Year's was better.  Hung out with my friend Rob as well as sexyloserd and played Munchkin as well as drank and watched movies.  I think we were playing Guitar Hero 2 when the "ball dropped" so we didn't even have a big "Happy New Year" moment.  That's fine I hate those anyways.

I'm a bit burned out on my Actual Play thread over on Shadownessence (http://www.shadownessence.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=20204) which is now two game sessions behind in.  I just can't seem to get the typing and writing going.  Add to that that we just started playing Eberron last week and I don't know how it bodes for the thread.

On an interesting RP note the group is now going to alternate between on a two weeks a game block.  Basically we play Eberron for two weeks and then Mage for two weeks.  When the Mage game is completely resolved and done for a bit we pick up another game (either L5R or Shadowrun) and move forward from there.  It'll keep me from getting burned out as quick I think.
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I've been meaning to post for weeks now, having gone through Christmas I meant to talk about my Nintendo DS, what games I play, the fact that I got alot of D20 books and Guitar Hero 2.

But I can't talk about any of that now for there has been a great loss.

Danny, Denise's cousin and one of the few members of her family I'd consider a friend died yesterday in a car accident.  The roads were wet and he lost control of his car and slammed into a parked SUV.  He died on impact.

The funeral is this weekend in the Philly area so I won't be able to go, I barely have time to go home from work it seems nowadays. 

But I wanted to grieve him here so that I can say that even though I didn't know him long, I did respect him and like him.  Some people go sooner than we'd like.  And it's times like this that I both fear death and respect it.

I pray for Danny and I hope he finds rest.

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Was officially purchased today:


I'm on vacation till the New Year so I have no direct word in on anything but I'll have to say I don't know exactly how I feel about this yet.

On one side it's a very good thing because it means the company is going to remain around since they purchased us for our manufacturing capabilities but it may be bad.

I currently hold a very new position in our job called Corporate Materials Data Analyst. I'm not sure if my job will still exist after everything is said and done. And I really don't want to go anywhere else. I've done very well at Reptron, getting promoted once a year every year since coming there (1 promotion every year for three years) and I am very loyal to the company.

I don't want to lose my job right now either as I'm just starting to get finances handled and I don't think I could find a job as good as this. Add on to that that my father works at Reptron too (in a different department, I'm in purchasing he's in manufacturing) and I worry if we may both be in the unemployment line together.

I won't even know anything till I get back unless I get some phone call or surprise e-mail. In the end this is all premature worry since it's very likely that it won't effect my day to day at all. But I still can't help but worry a bit.

Ah stress during vacation, how lovely.
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I mean really? Arresting a 14-year-old girl for "racism" because she can't understand a language and wants to have a different group is a bit on the insane side isn't it?

Has policial correctness gone so insane that you can't even express your inability to communicate without being called a racist now?

What I find worse about this story is that the TEACHER was the one who initiated the whole thing and this poor girl had to be arrested and thrown in prison for hours! How is this freedom of expression (I know the Brits have it!)? How is this anything but enforcing political correctness by legal penalty?
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